Friday, July 13, 2012

Village Precinct - Western Fire Buffer Trail


Western edge of the village - Western fire buffer trail

800 metres
10 minutes one way
Formed Track but can be overgrown after wet weather
No signage
No experience required

View BIRT Village western buffer trail in a larger map

If driving to commence this walk there is a nice clearing at the end of Poinciana Avenue suitable for parking. This gate is not connected to a fence so it is just barring vehicles from heading south.

Heading south there is a clear wide track with a little creek hopping sometimes required

Someone does some maintenance

This pond attracts a variety of bird life

This gate with adjacent fencing is padlocked and unless you want to climb and risk wet boots is an impediment to the zone further to the south.

Heading north from Poinciana Ave the buffer zone is trimmed by one of the adjoining residents

A few climbers have escaped into the coastal reserve

This reserve allows access to or from Kurrajong Ave (between House No 32 and No 34)

On this day after quite a wet period the grass could have been slashed but I am sure the council is reluctant to risk getting bogged.

Some residents are enjoying the adjacent fire buffer zone

The trail heads to its end

This gate at the Clothiers Creek Road end is not padlocked

These signs are directly opposite the gate to the Western fire buffer trail on Clothiers Creek road