Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bird Spotters Wanted

A few of us might like to help with this initiative?

I regularly see the cockatoo birds with yellow tips and tails in the heath behind Ti-Tree Ave, but think it's only spring and summer they are here. They eat the flowers in our silky oak and neighbours gum.

I've also seen the ones with the red under their wings down at the Hastings end of the land behind the beach. Near the lagoon with disused picnic tables.

Which of the birds have you seen?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Whale Watching Platform Grant Approved

Letterhead - Premier.jpg

PO BOX 152

Dear Applicant

I write to advise you and offer my congratulations on your organisation’s successful application, number CBPP-6291-15857-12-13 for NORRIES HEADLAND WHALE WATCHING PLATFORM in the 2012 NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program (CBP).

The NSW Government is committed to renovating infrastructure and strengthening our local environment and communities.

Renovating our infrastructure is central to achieving economic growth.  The right infrastructure, in the right places, not only boosts productivity and competitiveness, but makes a difference to people’s quality of life.  The NSW Government trusts and encourages local energy, innovation and ownership and work to strengthen community relationships.

Shortly NSW Government officers will be in contact with you to resolve any outstanding issues and if satisfactory a draft contract offer will be forwarded to you by the end of April for funding of $16,289 for your organisation.

I wish you every success with your project which I am sure will provide improved local infrastructure for the benefit of your community.

Yours sincerely


Barry O’Farrell MP

Friday, April 12, 2013

Minutes of Meeting April 11

Present: Luke, Ron, Anthony, Graeme
By Proxy: Mike, Faye, Elaine

Purpose of meeting was to elect the new leader.

Mike won unopposed and has full support of everyone for the 12 month tenure from June 1st.

(Mike is overseas till then.)

Concerns raised about clearing land 10 meters wide alongside the power lines.
Need to find out more about this.

Anthony & Luke will progress relationship building and networking with Tweed Tourism till Mike takes over.

Action: Anthony to arrange a meeting with Anne Duke. (Sent message this morning)