Monday, June 25, 2012

Goanna Track, Inland and Maggies Beach Trail

(As described by Graeme, Elaine and Ron)

This track is very problematic as it cuts across both the edge of the restricted area due to sewage works and the designated caravan park precinct - BUT, here it is anyway!

Initial entry is via the Goanna Track.

Bogangar Public School students have constructed a totem pole near the track entrance.
Once halfway to the beach, take the track heading south.

The rich variety of vegetation includes Pandanas Trees.

On reaching the access road at the southern end of the walk, turn east towards Maggies Beach.

There are several points of entry to the beach.

Once on the beach travel north towards Norries Headland.

The entrance to the Goanna Track is clearly marked. Follow the track back to the starting point.

Norries Headland, Maggies Beach and Inland Trail

(As described by Graeme, Elaine and Ron)

This trail has been created to avoid any possible conflict with the location of a future caravan park precinct or the area designated as out of bounds due to sewage works.

The walk commences at the entry to Lions Park, just off the Coast Road/Hastings Road roundabout. The 1.6 kilometre walk includes the recent track prepared by Dune Care for National Tree Day.

The trail leads through an interesting variety of vegetation types.

A significant feature is the Banksia forest.

Kookaburras enjoy the forest as well.

Brightly coloured Bracket Fungi are located along the trail.

As you get closer to the beach the vegetation changes.

The entry to Maggies Beach.

Once on Maggies Beach, turn north and walk to Norries Headland and ascend the walkway.

The view from Norries is spectacular no matter which direction you may be facing. The photo shows Maggies Beach to the immediate south.

Descend the boardwalk and walk through to Lions Park and across to the point of entry for the walk.

Friday, June 22, 2012

GARMIN GPS available for use

Cabarita Beach Dunecare has just purchased a good quality Garmin GPS (GPSMAP62) Garmin GPSMAP62 specifications

We would like to 'loan' this device to the 'Trail-ers' so you can accurately map your ideas.

Apparently, Garmin has some free software called Basecamp Basecamp specifications which looks like it might be useful.

Please contact me to make it happen.  Cheers, Ash Baldry

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norries Headland

Norries Headland

Norries Headland is the jewel of our village. The jewel can be accessed so easily from the adjacent carpark through the Pandanas walkway or from Maggies or Diamond Beach. The boardwalk and bench seating make it suitable for all age groups. Whether you want to soak up the sunshine, scan the ocean for whales or watch some surfing it's always delightful. There are even rewards for keen bird watchers.

400 metres one way - 800 metres return
Allow 15 minutes to enjoy the walk and views.
Formed track - boardwalk - and steps
No experience required

View Norries Headland in a larger map

I walk to the Headland every day

The direct track shields you from the weather

Maggies Beach to the south

On a day like this the Pacific Ocean is a swimming pool

A few days later the ocean roars

A honeyeater may greet you from the Banksia near the seat on Norries Headland.

I believe this is a Nankeen Kestral hovering over the headland

This was one of two pythons we regularly saw from the boardwalk on the Headland

The male Red Backed Fairy Wren is often seen out on the Headland

Cabarita Northern Foreshore Walk

Cabarita Northern Foreshore Walk
This walk commences in the foreshore area of Pandanus Avenue. The area in front of the Beach Apartments and the Surf Life Saving Club is a nicely kept lawn and paved spot. Public toilets are situated in the SLSC building. Walks radiate from this point of Interest. South up the hill into the Litterol Forest is called the Cabarita Foreshore Trail. That trail leads to Norries Headland.
One can also step onto the beach to enjoy that option.

The walk along the foreshore reserve to the north is the trail I have depicted in the images below.

Length 700 metres one way - 1.4 km return
Grade 2 but lacks signage
Time Allow 7 minutes one way or 15 minutes return
No experience required

View BIRT- Village Northern Foreshore Walk in a larger map

Small viewing platform and the path winding down from the Littoral Forest to the Pub and SLSC

The northern foreshore is the easiest of walks

Sea views and the dunal area are always a joy

The walk turns west in the fire buffer zone which separates the residential zone
to the Cudgen Nature Reserve stretching to the north.

This is the point where the Foreshore Walk meets the  Cycleway alongside the Tweed Coast Road right at the northern entry to the village. You have the option to return via the beach or through the village Commercial area or cross the Tweed Coast Road to walk to the Cudgen Lake on the Northern Perimeter Trail.

Recreation Trails Contact List

Recreation Trails Contact List

Email group:,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,     

Ash Baldry

Anthony Idle 6676 0185 

Daphne Maidmont  

Dennis Eyre  

Elaine Hankin 6676 246 

Faye Nash 0407 831 370  

Graeme Waugh  

Liz Cipriani  

Luke Porter 0424 507 599 or 6676 2132 

Mike Stanley  

Ron Hankin 0488 061 155 

Sandra Waugh  

Trevor Maidmont  

Yvonne Ross 

Thanks to Lily Crockett for typing this up.
Ph 6670 0746 (home)
Ph 6676 4555 (Mon, Tues, Fri)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caba Back Track Hastings to Caba via Round Mountain Rd

Caba Back Track Hastings to Caba via Round Mountain Rd

This is an advanced / hazardous trail not for the faint hearted...

Does link with the Caba Heath to Hastings Trail to make a circuit.

I'll get in there soon and update this post with some photos and reports on the south western legs creek crossing, snakes, spiders and knee deep mud.

Caba Heath to Hastings Point Trail

8k Walk Down and Back
I regularly use this trail either running or mountain biking. A nice option on the way back is to run up the beach then up Norries Headland and back past the school to get it up to 10 klm.

Will add some photos soon.

Caba South Central 5klm Loop

Just took a ride through the southern reserve. On Google it's about 5klm.
Battery went dead on my phone so no elevation or accurate GPS.

Pretty overgrown in areas and motorbikes have been in there recently.

South Central 5k Loop


Billabong just North of Les Burger Field

Full of Frogs
Southern End Connection to Caba Back Track is Blocked
NW Corner of Hastings Caravan Park

Can't cross the Creek

Too Wide

Track east is blocked by felled trees

Exit to Round Mountain Road is Opposite Pony Club

But from road you couldn't find it.

Elaine and I took a quick look at the Hastings point end of possible walkways. We started at the well established area at the edge of Hastings and walked some of the way back to Caba.

This is a photo of the entry to the Goanna track (included for practice only!).

How to take a screen shot / snip in windows

This is handy when you have mapped a route in Nike+ or Google Maps and you want to include it in a post.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Headland Car Park to Goanna Track

Trail First Impressions

I walked this trail for the first time this afternoon.
Here are a few of the interesting things I captured.


Couple of flowers out and some amazing large banksia trees. I didn't realise they were so old and large. No wonder they are called habitat trees.
Large Banksias
Orange Fungi
Large Banksia Flowers
New from old


There are many birds in there based  on the sound of them. I did see the Sea Eagles on the fringe but not wallabies. Just south of the trail I saw a large male Wallaby.

Trail Marking

Dune Care have done a great job lining the trail with branches to form a track. There are orange markers made up 

Good trail marking - thanks Dune Care!

Site Entrance at Goanna Track End

The entrance is a little tricky. You are very close to the beach when you walk in from the west. The track starts on the left just behind a large dead tree. Will need to be signposted in future.

Car Park End Track Entrance

Plenty of parking available and if you know where to go easy trail to walk into. Entrance on the left of the Pandanus in the shot below.