Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Round Mountain

Late in August (before too many snakes had started to get active) I again ventured over Round Mountain. I really cannot recommend a trail which is safe enough for the general public. Yes I loved the adventure, many wildflowers and I scoured the slopes for a hint of track to make it easier, but nothing came easy. Rewarding vistas were readily available to the hinterland, over Cudgen Lake and over Bogangar. The Round Mountain trig point marker had been damaged and the mountain is littered with hazards in the form of fallen branches ankle twisting rocks hidden under flattened grass but thankfully no snakes. Knowing how arduous the summit climb is, I now think that we should concentrate on defining a trail to the smaller hilltop closer to the village. Judy Ros and Gary have left some marker tape leading to the smaller hill. Before we add this as a trail we hope to find the safest route. I have some pictures from both hilltops for you to compare. Apologies for the picture quality but I only took my phone this time.

Replantings on the north facing slope between the two peaks

Lake view from the smaller hill

Views to the west of the high peak

Bogangar from the high peak

Lake view from above the saddle

The sad state of the Trig Marker

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lake boat ramp to Bush Chapel circuit



ACCESS:  Cudgen Nature Reserve Tamarind Ave Bogangar. Parking available at the boat ramp on Cudgen Lake. There are gas barbecues and picnic tables in this area.

DESCRIPTION: A fairly easy walk through Melaleuca Forest. There are obstacles on the track including many fallen trees that need to be climbed over. There are no sign posts, however the track is easy to follow.

  • The track commences east of the boat ramp. Stage 1 is a flat, sandy track following the edge of the lake, behind Cabarita Lake Apartments. A small inlet needs to be traversed at this point. This can become boggy following rain. Continue along the lake’s edge climbing over fallen timber.
  • The trail will connect with an old Fire Trail after approx 1.15km. Turn left onto this trail and you will arrive at a cleared beach on the edge of the lake. There are superb views of both the Lake and Mt Warning. A great spot for a swim on a hot day or bird watching.
  • Retrace your steps back along the Fire Trail (heading East) passing the track you arrived on. Approx 200m along the Fire Trail you will see the Bush Chapel on your right. This originally belonged to Wollumbin Scout Camp and provides a beautiful spot for a picnic.
  • The track now becomes harder to follow; head south from the Bush Chapel and you will see markers in the trees and logs marking the track on the ground. Approx 100m from the Chapel you turn right at a burnt tree stump; a further 100m you will see a turn on your right which will lead you back to the original track or continue straight along coming out again at Cabarita Lake Apartments.