Sunday, May 12, 2013

Concerns over size of the size and construction of the Whale Watching platform

Hello Everyone
Kieran has asked for some more feedback on the points that he raises below.
Can you please leave a comment below as to what you think of this.
I'll add mine in a minute.
From: kierankinney 
Subject: Re: boardwalk plans
Date: 10 May 2013 5:34:21 PM AEST
To: bodhi aldridge 

thanks very much for that Nick.

My initial reaction to this plan, though it is professional and appears attractive, is that it is an overdevelopment of the site. In launching the idea initially I was really only interested in tidying up that first area as you arrive on the site and provide a zone for people to stop ,sit and hopefully choose to go no further.This zone measures about 15m beyond the last bit of boardwalk. (lets call it the scuzzy area!) I envisaged a boardwalk and seating there.The existing plans looks great for that area! I like it very much. 

The rest of the site, should, in my mind, remain informal. This east facing bluff of the headland is actually a rather small site, very wild and wooly, I would want to retain that wildness, that essence. In short I think the plan, in its current form, is an overdevelopment of the site and rather heavy handed.

The headland is under enormous pressure from visitation...The provision of comfort seating at the 'arrival' zone will actually go a long way to reducing trampling and erosion, as many people, i believe, will choose to rest here and go no further. That is really an important consideration. 

An alternative to boardwalking large slabs of the bluff is to formalise track ways on that eastern bluff with discreet and subtle use of stone flagging... large beautiful slabs of stone (sourced locally) placed with great finesse and design into the landscape to guide people away from certain areas and help reduce the erosion and trampling of vegetation.

Dont get me wrong..I love extensive boardwalks..but this site is very small and full of subtle beauty underfoot, this will be lost i think, with such a large development.

When visiting europe many years ago i noticed the organic way old cultures have formalised ancient trackways in wild places...invariably using local stone flagging and steps.. Stunning and beautiful. Yes there are logistical issues and cost issues. I will admit that. But we can start small.

Any way... thats another discussion. I thoroughly like the plan for the first 15 metres ,then it loses me after that I'm afraid.I'd advocate limiting the boardwalk structure to that first 15m. I'm keen to hear any opinions and open up discussion if people feel strongly either way.I have included a few pics that go some way to illustrating my ideas about stone flagging. 

best wishes, kieran