Monday, August 19, 2013

Australian Walking Track Grading System

Mike has shared with me a great resource on track grading.
Here is a small excerpt and a link to the original page.

It has an excel spreadsheet that grades trails and tells you how to promote them.
Example photo below.

Background to the Australian Walking Track Grading System
The Australian Walking Track Grading System is a technique for uniformly grading walking tracks and communicating that grade to the walking public. 

The aim of the Australian Walking Track Grading System is to encourage people who are not regular or confident bushwalkers to get out there and give it a go. It is specifically designed to reassure entry level walkers, particularly the disabled or people walking with children, that a particular track is suitable for their skill level.

Under the new system, walking trails are graded on a difficulty scale from grades one to five.

  • Grade One is suitable for the disabled with assistance
  • Grade Two is suitable for families with young children
  • Grade Three is recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
  • Grade Four is recommended for experienced bushwalkers, and
  • Grade Five is recommended for very experienced bushwalkers