Friday, August 2, 2013

Whale Watching Platform Design

We have an opportunity to put our final design concept directly to the TSC Construction Planning team at a site meeting. Interested parties are welcome.

Appointment on Norries Headland
It was resolved at our last meeting to prepare a written brief as an adjunct to Dan Plummer's Concept plan.
The NSW Govt grant matched by TSC work and project management means about two thirds of the plan may be affordable.
Our brief is couched in generic terms so that management of labour coordination, materials handling and protection of the environment is left to those best able ensure the best outcome.
1 AMENITY Build a low level terrace / deck of minimal visual impact. No hand rails.
2 SAFETY Minimize trip hazards and height of deck. Visitors will include small children and elderly.
3 SUSTAINABLE Balance of amenity, cost, durability,
future maintenance.
4 FUNCTION Anticipate the movement of people at this lookout. eg lead additional visitors around (behind) those already seated. Best views are to the east and south so try to pitch seating to different quadrants of this panorama. Provide comfortable seats. Anticipate that some visitors will want to venture further than the platform.
Interpretive signage may inform visitors of Whale Migration also of Major Landmarks-Cape Byron, Hastings Point, Woolumbin - Mt Warning, Kingscliff 
5 RESPECT  and ensure the beauty of this point,its natural wild exposed ruggedness is not spoilt.