Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Norries Headland Whale Watching Platform Update

bodhi nick aldridge
5:22 PM (1 hour ago)
to memikeLukeDan

Hi guys, I have still not worked the blog out so i will give this update and one of you may update the blog:

I had another meeting with Rod Keevers from TSc on site today with Dans sketch ( tried to get a hold of mike without success )

rod then met with the TSC carpenter on site and spoke to myself and Dan Plummer over the phone.

TSC have decided to embrace Dans sketch with the following changes:

1, instead of paving, the current seat will be replaced by a 3x3mt timber deck with a seat built in at the back with seperate steps in and out

2. the decks dan has suggested will now only be 3x4mts and 3x3mts with seats built into them to avoid them being too big and requiring a handrail

next steps:

1. TSC are costing the above project and hope to have it done by friday

2.Dan is going to amend his sketch and have it to us by monday

3. hopefully anthony can log in to the grant site tomorrow and start writing

4. i have spoken to Jane Lofthouse from TSC as well and she will provide us with written owners consent to lodge the grant

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