Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update 10 October 2012

Just a quick post to share info for people not in attendance.

Meeting held last night chaired by Luke Porter who is currently leading the group.

Attending was Luke, Nick, Faye, Mike, Sandra, Graeme and myself.

Luke please correct me if I write anything wrong


Purpose of meeting was to be clear on messages want to put forward to council staff in a meeting at the top of the Headland on 19/10 at 10.30 am

We affirmed the highest priority for us is the viewing platform at the top of Norries.

We don't need to have a design concept as the experts will have one.

(Please leave your comments below if you have a point of view on this as I like Kieran's idea of a low flat rock terrace with sitting space to 12 bums. Sort of similar to the space on the Belongil to Byron Light house walk where the trail takes a 90 degree bend.)

The minutes from the Meeting / Walk 18th August list other priorities to make the walk attractive and safe to locals and tourists.

Mike, Nick & I will attend the meeting on the 19th.

We will just print out the blog post from the 18 Aug and pass that on by way of reference.


Mike tabled a great document in regards to where we have been, where we are at where to.

Mike's discussion document is linked here.

This is aligned to our thinking but the major point for mine was what level of integration do we want to have with the council. ( I guess answer is as much as the community needs.) Thanks for shifting our thinking Mike.

There is likely to be another meeting with senior council staff regarding the broader group activity at a later stage.

Nick is going to arrange that and Mike will go to that meeting with another representative.


In terms of the next steps for the group beyond that we still need to work our way through the walks we have prioritised in our meeting back in August at the Surf Club.

That is we walk the trails and detail what improvements are required from our point of view.

Nick rightly points out that our point of view may be very different and difficult to achieve with so many passionate stakeholders in places like the southern and lake precinct.

Pushing onwards we plan to meet at the headland carpark on Saturday 20 October at 9.30 am to walk to Hastings and back.

Can you please tell anyone interested to meet us at the start of the bush tracker trail?

See you then.


PS please correct me or add in what I missed in the comments.


Lastly ... and in breaking news .....

Nick was meeting Geoff Provest today and mentioned the whale watching platform. Geoff talked about  a grant scheme he thought we must apply for as it he supports the concept of a platform atop Norries.

Details of the NSW community building grant scheme are at this link and it could be worth $15K towards the platform.

We just need to apply under banner of a registered organisation such as the Surf Club / Dune Care etc and detail the scope, timeline and cost for the project.

Nick has a landscape architect that can help with scope, time and cost so if you have an opinion on what / how you think the platform would be please comment below so it can be taken into consideration.

Mike, Nick and I (reluctantly) are going to meet at the pub tomorrow night to discuss should we go ahead with the grant in such a rushed timeframe with little consultation or wait / possibly miss out.

If you can picture me in a YouTube video I would be making a gesture like kangaroo paws ..... please leave comments below!!!