Monday, October 15, 2012

Update - Proposed Grant Application- Norries Headland

Another update 15th October

Anthony and Nick attended a site meeting with Rod and Neil from TSC on friday 12th

Nick arranged to meet with Dan Plummer - Landscape Architect on monday 15th.
Dan has offered to do a concept sketch at no charge and we hope that with quick feedback
it will be possible to mould this into a point of discussion design suitable for TSC to proceed with some costings.
Mike attended that on site discussion as the  Caba Trails subcommittee rep.

Traffic from the boardwalk has concentrated the erosion at the viewing area near the crest of Norries Headland. Our aim as outlined to Dan is to work with TSC to secure a State Govt grant to allow an improved viewing area to be designed and constructed.

Concept to be sustainable - balance amenity, cost , durability, future maintenance
Must be low impact especially visually
Try to merge low terrace design with existing contours
Provide pockets for seating of small groups
Lead additional visitors around (behind) visitors who are already seated.
Try to cater for those who wish to take in the view from the crest as well as those who prefer to be seated in a more protected situation and those who just want to do stretches or tai chi.
Consider a staging of the development (for cost reasons)

Nick will onforward sketches/ notes from Dan for our consideration/input with the aim of reaching that point by about Thursday.
Regards Mike