Monday, June 18, 2012

Headland Car Park to Goanna Track

Trail First Impressions

I walked this trail for the first time this afternoon.
Here are a few of the interesting things I captured.


Couple of flowers out and some amazing large banksia trees. I didn't realise they were so old and large. No wonder they are called habitat trees.
Large Banksias
Orange Fungi
Large Banksia Flowers
New from old


There are many birds in there based  on the sound of them. I did see the Sea Eagles on the fringe but not wallabies. Just south of the trail I saw a large male Wallaby.

Trail Marking

Dune Care have done a great job lining the trail with branches to form a track. There are orange markers made up 

Good trail marking - thanks Dune Care!

Site Entrance at Goanna Track End

The entrance is a little tricky. You are very close to the beach when you walk in from the west. The track starts on the left just behind a large dead tree. Will need to be signposted in future.

Car Park End Track Entrance

Plenty of parking available and if you know where to go easy trail to walk into. Entrance on the left of the Pandanus in the shot below.