Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norries Headland

Norries Headland

Norries Headland is the jewel of our village. The jewel can be accessed so easily from the adjacent carpark through the Pandanas walkway or from Maggies or Diamond Beach. The boardwalk and bench seating make it suitable for all age groups. Whether you want to soak up the sunshine, scan the ocean for whales or watch some surfing it's always delightful. There are even rewards for keen bird watchers.

400 metres one way - 800 metres return
Allow 15 minutes to enjoy the walk and views.
Formed track - boardwalk - and steps
No experience required

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I walk to the Headland every day

The direct track shields you from the weather

Maggies Beach to the south

On a day like this the Pacific Ocean is a swimming pool

A few days later the ocean roars

A honeyeater may greet you from the Banksia near the seat on Norries Headland.

I believe this is a Nankeen Kestral hovering over the headland

This was one of two pythons we regularly saw from the boardwalk on the Headland

The male Red Backed Fairy Wren is often seen out on the Headland