Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Label and Link a Post to a Page

South Precinct Heath biodiversity rising above past fires.
The idea of this post is to explain how the collection of posts and pages will be linked together by a labelling structure.

The analogy to think of is that of a tree.

The pages are the branches and we will stick leaves on (blog posts) using labels (sap?) to attach them to the right branch.

I expect we will have a lot of photos and videos created so it should look spectacular cataloging and capturing all the interesting bits and pieces of our unique trails.

For example the photo above is this posts feature image which I have captioned. I have added all the available labels excluding "admin" which is just for minutes and I guess training type posts like this one.

If I really wanted to label the post about the diversity of the heath accurately I would put a cross in the 3 boxes below. So it really should just be labelled "Southern Precinct", "POI", "Photos" and "Flora".

Label Structure
Lake Precinct,
Village Precinct,
Southern Precinct,
Western Precinct









To link the post to page I would create something called Anchor Text (say Heath Biodiversity) in three spots under each heading on the Southern Precinct page, then hyperlink the post to the page in the three  spots. See example below.

Don't worry I will need to

  1. Show how to do it in person, 
  2. Then do it together, 
  3. Then I should watch you do it by yourself. 

After doing it three times this way together you will have the hang of it.


PS This is only a draft structure I should add. We can change it to what ever you think best suits but I'm just taking the lead to create something to start with.