Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meeting Minutes 17 June 2012

Area of consideration for Cabarita Beach / Bogangar Integrated Recreation Trails community group

Meeting Minutes 17 June 2012

The purpose of this meeting was to create short term action plans for the project task brief.

In attendance was Luke Porter, Ron and Elaine Hankin, Anthony Idle and Graeme Waugh.

We discussed the existing trails and integration with the other major groups.

As an outcome we decided to treat the scope in terms of 4 precincts: 1. Lake, 2. Village, 3. Western, 4. Southern

The major decision was agreement to work with developing a larger team encompassing the Camp Wollumbin and Envirocentre groups.

In terms of next steps, by who, by when and what resources:
  1. Locate current maps produced by NPWS "Cudgen Nature Reserve Plan of Management" - Graeme Waugh. (See below photos from Hard copy document Nov 1998) 
  2. Locate Rural Fire Service Trail Maps for area - Anthony Idle 
  3. Locate Maps of areas from Tweed Shire Council - Ron Hankin 
  4. Buy a topographical map of area - Anthony Idle 
  5. Discuss location of Cudgen Lake trails with Magpie - Luke Porter 
  6. Map out existing trails around the village - Mike Stanley 
  7. Map the trails in the Western precinct - Luke Porter 
  8. Map the trails in the Southern Precinct - Elaine Hankin 
  9. List up points of interest / significance to add to maps to ensure connection to trail network - All (Will discuss next meeting. 
  10. Distribute phone numbers and email addresses to start sharing information of who is doing what / when - Anthony Idle 
  11. Create a place to share information on the web for access by team. Anthony Idle (Blog at - I will train people how to use this.) 
  12. Attend round table meeting with Wollumbin and Envirocentre groups. Graeme and Anthony 
  13. Type up minutes from meeting. Anthony Idle 

It is expected that all actions except 12 will happen inside the next 2 weeks.

The recommended resources to map trails are the Nike+GPS app on an iPhone ($2) and/or a free account on Nikeplus.

(Anthony: I will also create a video to demonstrate how we can use Google Maps to create trail maps that can be publicly shared and built with collaboration.)

Next meeting to be held Tuesday 3 July at 6.30 pm at the Bowls Club.

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